Knowledge has been an important criteria for many activities and professions in a community. And as technology progresses, the value of knowledge amplifies as well. Knowledge has been considered a supplemental economic growth factor in economic studies since the early days of economics. That idea has changed over the recent years as the importance of knowledge increased significantly with technological advancements.

An Introduction to Knowledge Economy

A Knowledge economy is an economic system where the production of goods and services is based on knowledge-intensive activities. …

The rise of Social Media platforms and the emergence of monopolistic technological companies has been meteoric. The introduction of online platforms was truly an innovative idea. It connected many people and created a space for people to express their opinions. An invention which started with mediocre goals eventually grew into something phenomenal. Nowadays, a profile on a social media platform is not a part of an individual’s identity, but a reflection of it.

However, as the old saying goes, nothing comes free. Tech companies offering access to their social media platforms for free have to earn revenue in one way…

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The movie Joker (2019) garnered both acclaim and concerns from a wide range of viewers and critics. Based on the aggregate ratings of critic scores, the movie sure seems controversial. However, ratings of the viewers do, almost unambiguously, imply that the Joker is a cinematic masterpiece. Either way, there’s no denying that the impact the movie makes about mental health and societal dysfunction would be huge or everlasting.

The movie ventures into depicting the nature of many mental illnesses in a dark world, and it’s representation thereof is nothing short of great in my books. However, I’ve also noticed something…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating invention of mankind. Fusing the computational power of a machine with the intellect of a human undoubtedly creates new possibilities of innovation and tremendously increases the likelihood of realizing those which were already conjectured.

The power of AI in both improving and manipulating human life is a widely depicted phenomenon in the sci-fi entertainment genre, particularly those which are set in the dystopian future. Stories of sentient machines plotting to conquer and replace humans as the master race of the planet are becoming the staple narrative of futuristic, dystopian sci-fi movies. However, I am…

Recently, in world politics, the terms right-wing, racism and fascism have been thrown around in tandem, from opinion pieces to mainstream news. It’s no secret that the term “Right-wing” is often piled on with those words.

With the birth of the “Alt-Right” movement, the belief that being racist and fascist are part and parcel of being right-wing seem to have grown stronger, even among those whose political views are leaning towards the centre of the spectrum.

The Alt-right: According to its leaders

The term “Alt-Right” was invented by Richard Spencer, who is widely regarded as the leader of the movement…

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Libertarianism, simply put, is a set of political beliefs that focus on upholding liberties (i.e freedoms) of individuals. It’s putting freedom (and the responsibility that comes with it) before everything else. The government’s role is to protect and uphold them, and stay the hell away from people’s lives; Let an individual have more control over his life, liberty and property. Hence, limiting the government’s ways and means of cracking down on the rights of people logically becomes one of libertarianism’s biggest goals. …

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